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The Pyramid Portal

Hosted by Lyrica and Gayle

This pyramid portal exists as an energy and consciousness developed over several years of Lyrica and Gayle’s daily meditation practice. Its dimensional access and highly attuned frequency are anchored by the gold-plated ARC II pyramid, the only of its kind here on planet earth.

Two enlightened Sedona engineers, Jason Stiles and Michael Massey, fashioned the art and science of its matter construct and installed the energetic-dimensional programming, in partnership with Lyrica via telepathy. In addition, it has an “oversoul-like” component, sourced by Lyrica, and structured into its perfected nonphysical form by Jessica, Lyrica, Gayle, and another autistic beloved, named Jordy. Read more about the portal’s astounding story and the immensity of Lyrica and Gayle’s love relationship with this gold pyramid, encoded with Ascension spiritual technology in their book Lyrica’s Journey of Ascension: A Nonverbal Autistic Finds Her Power, Peace, and Purpose.

More about the structure & consciousness of the ARC II Gold Pyramid:

From the perspective of the two engineers, learn the fascinating story of the science and architecture of the build process:


Enjoy Lyrica and Gayle’s first Pyramid Portal Transmission and Activation, an (8/8/2021) Lion’s Gate doorway into Lyrica’s insights about the new human design. (To improve your listening experience, try turning down your volume to a softer setting. We are currently upgrading our recording system for future Pyramid Portal Transmissions.) 

8/8/21 Message from Lyrica: A New Human Design

“Very clear on my Lion’s roar. The only reason I am still here in my human life gift is to doorway hold the new human design. It is not an earth residency only. It is a light corridor into all worlds and dimensions simultaneously. It is a citizenship of holding many planes of reality together as one lived truth. The difference is immense and the vantage point even more astounding in its possibilities.

I am very secure in this multiple-world-fastening to see an outdated and limited view about the nature of life here on earth. Each lifetime, as we know it now, is a human experience to awaken and live a new expression of our soul’s essence. When completed, death is a reset button into our next chapter of soul maturation. This life and death wheel is a slow, yet sure, process of realizing Self.

Yet this archaic way is now ready to be upgraded into the new human experience. This new design questions the death and rebirth cycle that is so linear, stuck in only one major soul experience and expression at a time. In the new human reality, we get to fast forward our evolution by becoming multiple expressions of our soul simultaneously in so many worlds and dimensions. The nature of THIS life is living in the truth of our vastness that we can touch and become quickly and easily because we are so fluid…not stuck in one locked in-locked down “time and space limited” perception of self.

Maybe there is a secret doorway here to release the belief in an aging process leading into a feared place of death and dying. Of course, there is also the companion process of a self-realizing-soul stepping into its divine purpose. When this soul accomplishes its purpose in its current physically embodied or even light-embodied state, it is then ready to move into its next destiny, either within this same state of being, or maybe in a totally different form of existence.

Perhaps movement into a new form of existence IS the graduation of a soul that meets death as its liberation into its next iteration. Then death becomes a celebration for all that has been lived and will be lived here, there, and everywhere!

Grateful for this Lion’s Gate portal revelation and activation…lighting up this new human experience in me! I offer this to you as my Lion Gate blessing delivered in love”.


A Book about The Gifts of Autism. Blessing Us All!