Lyrica and Gayle


We Serve and Evolve

After publishing AWEtizm, a book about the “bright-light” side of autism, Lyrica and Gayle offered their community toning meditation teleconferences to facilitate a partnership of nonverbal autistics (NVAs) and lightworkers.


At their home in Sedona, Arizona, Lyrica and Gayle held autism-lightworker meditations and NVA retreats. Among the highlights of these gatherings were the community events bringing awareness to the gifts of the NVAs and the role they are playing in the Ascension process.

When Lyrica meets Jessica Martinson at an autism meditation in 2015, a “high-light” activation occurs. Suddenly, Lyrica knows it is time to drop out of her current autism role to embody a much larger vision of herself and her purpose in the world.

In 2016, Lyrica begins to work with Jessica as her beloved and gifted mentor. Their goal is to help Lyrica’s soul or higher self, unify with her physical body. This outcome will enable Lyrica to step into her soul’s higher destiny, the one that was downloaded to her, the night she first met Jessica.

In  Lyrica’s Journey of Ascension: A Nonverbal Autistic Finds Her Power, Peace, and Purpose, read more about Lyrica’s transformational process where she steps into that larger vision of Self and so much more!! 

The History of Lyrica and Gayle

Lyrica and Gayle
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Lyrica knew she needed a way to communicate to step into her purpose. At age eight she intuited a process of supported typing (or FC/facilitated communication) prior to its development in the United States. At age 14, Lyrica won the 1st due process court case in the United States based on the use of FC. This legal victory led to her inclusion in mainstream academic classes.

In addition to her academic achievements, Lyrica’s artwork was selected for display in a juried art show for persons with disabilities at the Frist Museum in Nashville, and later her paintings were displayed at an art show honoring autistic artists at Vanderbilt University.

Lyrica is actively engaged in social media, sharing her higher dimensional experiences and wisdom related to autism, the Light, humanity, and our world. Her popular social media posts earned her the nickname of “Autistic Mystic.”

“I am a light unto the world, like we all are. As an author my hope is to show that all limitations are simply a call to action to discover who we really are. I began my process of finding the lost me by hanging out in the higher dimensions, a natural state of being for a nonverbal autistic. Was good for my soul, but ‘off purpose’ for my human agenda. That’s when I found a mentor, began my journey of Ascension, and became more embodied.

I was thrilled by the new-me, the true-me, who I became. I now experience myself as a powerful being, unified in Oneness, living a life of peace on earth, and in sync with my divine purpose. What a profound shift from where my life began. My point is no one is limited. We are all here to make a difference and perfectly formed to do just that. My passion is to inspire all to believe that they too can create the life that they have always dreamed of and so much more!”  – Lyrica


In addition to being Lyrica’s mother and soul-supporter, Gayle has ten plus years providing 1-on-1 support facilitating nonverbal autistics to communicate by typing and has participated in podcasts and interviews as an autism expert.

Gayle has a master’s degree in social work from the University of Texas, Arlington. She is also an ordained metaphysical minister. In 2004, Gayle established the Chrysalis Gold Healing Center on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee, where she offered Transference Healing sessions and teacher training, as well as hosting a Pistis Sophia study group exploring the Divine Feminine.

Before opening her healing center, she also served as a consultant supporting students with special needs, their families, and school systems in two different university programs, directed a case management program for troubled teens at a mental health center, and was a co-instructor in a masters-level program preparing professionals to work in families with special needs.

She herself was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 60 and says Lyrica has been her greatest teacher of all.

“Like Lyrica, my life has been deeply impacted by my own experience of autism (Asperger’s.)

Lyrica, and the three other nonverbal autistics, co-writers of AWEtizm, became my first safe friends. In the presence of their high-frequency light and love, I touched into my own divinity for the very first time. Held in their grace, I felt free to begin to release the false programming and mistaken beliefs that stood between the true me and the false me.

Soul-parenting was my first Lyrica lesson on how to survive and eventually thrive in her world. I was learning how to lightly meet and address her outer world challenges while simultaneously opening up to the vast opportunity for me to evolve as a parent and soul being. To facilitate this process Lyrica became my teacher, my best friend, and eventually my business partner.

My path of soul evolution catapulted when Lyrica and I began working together with Lyrica’s mentor, Jessica. Here I gained spiritual tools to operate in Oneness, learned about the new science of quantum physics for manifesting desired outcomes, and so much more.

My Ascension experiences look very different from Lyrica’s as there is a vast difference between our dimensional access. Yet, thanks to this work and much practice, I have been able to reach and maintain (most of the time) a solid footing above 3D to enjoy a life of empowerment, freedom, and joy. As another outcome of this work, I celebrate my ever-increasing abilities as a writer and author that feed my soul and light up a new purpose in my life (above and beyond that of parenting my beloved Lyrica.)

To parents of a nonverbal autistic, I implore you to consider that you made a choice to parent your beloved to step into a fast track of your own soul’s evolution. Not a light assignment, but as Lyrica always says, the only one truly worth living! I hope that my journey with Lyrica can inspire others looking for a more enlightened way to find meaning and peace in the day-to-day reality of parenting a nonverbal autistic beloved.”
– Gayle