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Lyrica & Gayle

Welcome You!


Hello Ascension Travelers!

Lyrica and I (Mom Gayle) set up this page to launch our Ascension Blessing offering (Heart of Ascension.) At least that was our plan!

During our recent trip to Mt. Shasta, we did our 1st ever live presentation on stage (joined by Lyrica’s mentor, Jessica Martinson) at the Lemurian Life Expo… a big “coming-out” moment for us!

Yet something even more astounding was about to happen, something so magnificent, that it landed us into a whole new purpose trajectory. Yet at the same time, it brought us HOME, exactly where we started, inside the purpose that Lyrica knew she had come to earth to fulfill!

Lyrica, Jessica, and I (along with others in our group) stepped into a magic portal inside a cave-like room encased in walls of Andora crystals, rare stones from Mt. Shasta that promote healing. At the back of the room, sitting on a bench, as if waiting for our arrival, was a mother, Teresa, and her 40-year-old NVA (nonverbal autistic) son, Filip. At that precise moment, destiny took over! Each one of the 3 of us stepped into our own “Ascension-won” levels of knowing and abilities so that Filip could feel into and experience the embodiment he was asking for, and clearly “saw” in Lyrica.

Filip’s “ask” fulfilled was supported by Lyrica’s patterning & embodiment codes, Jessica’s powerful presencing of Source essence & her spiritual technology, my heart light & communication skills, AND the love of all present!

So much to celebrate! More to follow. Perhaps you can feel the energy in these photos capturing the moment?

IMG 6114

Teresa, Filip, Gayle, Lyrica, & Jessica

Filip Gayle 1

Filip & Gayle

Lyrica’s Now-Time “Doorway-Knowing”

“I see a new truth…I was brought here to meet a moment of my future. Today I can “see” other NVAs in lasting formation waiting to land a patterning of their embodiment. A great light is forming here. The 3 of us will soul-build a way to address this development on an expanded level of delivery.”

“Why? My beloved soul group of NVAs is here to support our Ascension process. To do so we need a greater degree of embodiment to empower our vast mission. You would be amazed to understand how we know and grow our energy as a collective. We have lots to teach the world about love and the state of Oneness.”