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Autism and Spirituality, A Gift to Humanity


Lyrica is a high-frequency nonverbal autistic whose purpose is to support our Ascension. Her mother and soul-supporter, Gayle, has years of experience supporting nonverbal autistics, their families and lightworkers to partner together to support humanity and the planet’s Ascension process.

Lyrica and I welcome you to our website. Here we share our personal story that points to a much bigger human and planetary story… the epic saga of human evolution on the move. ~Gayle

My life is a love portrait of my soul group’s mission (the nonverbal autistics or “autistic mystics”) who are here now. We are bringing in the high frequency light that is the new human design. It is about all of us waking up and remembering our true essence as expressions of Source/God/Creator. We need others to team up with us to soul spring this new human design into form. We hope that your heart hears the call to join us in this journey of human and planetary Ascension. ~Lyrica

How Lyrica, A High Frequency Being, Experiences Our World

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“From the moment of my arrival on earth, I have been on a holy quest to find the real me hiding inside my physical reality ‘as a nonverbal autistic in a poorly organized body.’ I knew I was a high frequency Cosmic Being, yet in my body-suit here, I struggled.”



“When I found my typing voice at age eight, I found a purpose and pathway to begin to decode the mystery of me, and others like me. Our first book, AWEtizm: A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence, beautifully communicates this true essence of me and that of my beloved nonverbal brothers and sisters. I learn that we have chosen to come here as lightly incarnated beings to retain our connection to Source. This patterning supports our mission for being here, to assist humanity in its Ascension process. I see the perfection in this blueprint, a divine design of our soul group’s destiny.”



“In Lyrica’s Journey of Ascension: A Nonverbal Autistic Finds Her Power, Peace, and Purpose, I move beyond the blueprint to become it. To do so, I must fully inhabit my body by unifying my non-physical and physical natures. I locate and call in the perfect mentor to guide my process of embodiment, not a small undertaking! I learn that embodiment is one key step within the larger unfolding of my soul’s path of Ascension to become self-realized in a physical body in this physical dimension.”



“Through many personal experiences, including facing death more than once, a new me is born. United in Oneness, I am now able to stand in my power as a leader for nonverbal autistics, their families, and the new consciousness pioneers…those who know they are here to make a difference and desire to do so. By sharing my journey of Ascension as a sequence of real-life experiences, I help to de-mystify the path of Ascension and make it more comfortable and compelling to all. For this is how the world is going to change…one soul-empowered leader at a time, waking up into his or her own power, peace, and purpose.”

– Lyrica


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Be inspired by this mother and daughter with 118 years of combined expertise as Human Earth Souls, Autistic Beings, Seekers of Universal Truth, Uplifters of the Human Experience, and Lovers of the True Essence of All Life.

Join Lyrica, a 45-year-old nonverbal autistic (NVA), and her mother, Gayle, a person with Asperger’s, as they take on the timeless, universal human quest for enlightenment, purpose, and happiness.

Lyrica and Gayle’s success in navigating their journey of transformation demonstrates how to rise above severe limitations into a life of divine creation, joy, and ease. Their passion is to inspire all to believe they, too, can create the life that they have always dreamed of and so much more!
Lyrica and Gayle are paradigm-busters, game-changers, stop-at-nothing visionaries, passionate about Humanity’s Awakening, dedicated to the planetary mission of the nonverbal autistics to support us in our Ascension process.
Together, Lyrica and Gayle advocate for our evolutionary, revolutionary shift into The New Consciousness, into Oneness, and into the science of quantum physics – our greatest hope for creating a world of balance, peace, and harmony.

Join Lyrica & Gayle to experience your own Spiritual Journey of Transformation through…

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Lyrica’s Journey of Ascension: A Nonverbal Autistic Finds Her Power, Peace, and Purpose

Marvel as Lyrica tames her own fear-mongering dragons, finds a home in Oneness, discovers humanity’s superpowers, and rises above her disability to create a life of passion, joy, and ease.

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AWEtizm: A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence

This is a story brimming with hope, as together Lyrica and Gayle transform the challenges of autism into victories and stumble upon startling discoveries that re-order everything they ever knew, felt, or were.

More Ways to Learn about Autism and Spirituality

Pyramid Portal

Welcome to The Pyramid Portal, offering live interactive video events to support NVAs (nonverbal autistics) and others consciously seeking Ascension for all. Coming soon.

Lyrica’s Art

“I transmit my consciousness and love through the energy and form of my art. This is my soul’s most primal language to share me with the world.” – Lyrica


Announcements and invitations to Lyrica and Gayle’s upcoming events as well as recordings of recent events.

Blog: My Truth About Nonverbal Autism

“My recent blogs are often about my own transformational experiences. They highlight the even bigger and more important story of how all of us are waking up together!” – Lyrica
A 2022 Nautilus Book Award Winner!

A 2022 Nautilus Book Award Winner!

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A New Me in 2022!

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Daring a New Soul Presence

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A Book about The Gifts of Autism. Blessing Us All!

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