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Lyrica & Gayle

Heart of Ascension

Lyrica and Gayle Welcome you to the Heart of Ascension!

If being blessed by outpourings of love and high level transmissions of Source Essence, sounds like an offering for you, we invite you to consider joining us.

Why us? Thanks to our own intensive 8 year Ascension journey under the master-mentorship of Jessica Martinson, we have reached a stabilized level within our own Ascension process that now empowers us to be able to bless you on your path, wherever you are, whether a beginner, or a seasoned Ascension “traveler.”

(In fact, the heart of our story, is experientially shared in our latest book, Lyrica’s Journey of Ascension: A Nonverbal Autistic Finds Her Power, Peace, and Purpose.)

Here: united in our sacred Heart of Ascension community, we will find our way together, as beloveds who know we are here to make a difference in the world, and passionately desire to do so!

Here: in your truth as Source essence, you will be fully seen and celebrated as the magnificent being that you are. A rare and powerful transformative experience.

Here: whatever is your knowing (or yet to know) vision of your own life’s purpose or destiny, your hero’s journey (or path of Ascension) is the doorway-in and the road-forward. Hopefully, over time, if you choose to join us, your journey will become more focused, more consciously-driven, and thus quickened and amplified. Yet sometimes this life path will ask more of you, me, us than we believe is possible to endure (and it will!)

Here: in these situations, Lyrica’s love-infused high level transmissions of Source essence may help your soul to see more clearly what’s true (and not true) and perhaps guide you to make a more aligned choice or take a new action.

Here: you will be blessed by Lyrica’s Source Essence transmission and my heart presence magnified by my pure communication stream coming in from Source. Together we create a bridge of support for moving into 5D or above. This is the realm of Oneness. This is the starting point for all Ascension travels and travelers.

Here: in Oneness, or the quantum field, is where so much more becomes possible. Like what, you might ask? Perhaps you might begin to experience greater sensitivity, more awareness, expanded consciousness, a deeper level of soul embodiment, more gratitude, more peace, more love, more joy, more abundance, more freedom? YOU and your Soul are the creator!

Here: you will also learn that the key to harvesting such gifts requires you to make a solid commitment to the practice of exiting 3D and holding in Oneness, something you will naturally and organically have the opportunity to experience in each one of our Heart of Ascension offerings.

BTW: If you are already involved with another Ascension support person or protocol, this offering works beautifully as an add-on enhancer-booster!

Finally: We would love to have you and your light as part of our community. We are still in our development process. If you think this might be for you, and you would like to receive ongoing updates from us, please sign up for our newsletter below.