Artwork by Autistic Mystic Artist, Lyrica

Art Can Heal and Reveal

In 2008 Lyrica’s artwork was selected for display in a juried art show for persons with disabilities at the Frist Museum in Nashville. In 2009 her paintings were displayed at an art show featuring artwork by autistic artists at Vanderbilt University.

The Autistic Mystic, Artist Lyrica

“The watery flow of my being is what creates my intuitive art. My heart picks the perfect brush and color tone to express what I am feeling. My hand dips the brush into its color bath and quickly soul-strokes it mark onto the empty canvas. A new creation is born. A doorway opens. Suddenly I am free to experience hidden parts of me that dare to be felt and seen in a fresh way. Art can heal and reveal!” -Lyrica

“I transmit my consciousness and love through the energy and form of my art. It is my soul’s most primal language to share me with the world.”  – Lyrica


Purchase Lyrica's reprints

Lyrica’s artwork is now featured as part of a beautiful collection of on-line art studio prints by phenomenal artists, thanks to Sedona Glicee owners, Jodi and Justin Whittaker. Visit Lyrica's page where you can "enjoy the view” and order high quality giclee reproductions of her "soul signature blessings” on canvas, metal, or fine art paper.


Nashville Art

Nashville is where the artist in me first woke up. Here in a beautiful artist co-op called Art and Soul, I was valued as someone whose art mattered. Before painting, my intuitive art teacher and I would drum together to open up my heart. The very first painting I ever created was “Angel Seen in Autism.”

Wickenburg Art

In Wickenburg I had my own mini studio and was impulsed to move from paper to canvas. Mom and I began our days meditating at Vulture Peak, where the desert beauty and energy was very high for us. Upon returning home I would paint on my canvas to express my language of light signature of the day.

Sedona Art

Being in Sedona’s red rocks and vortex energies charged up my artwork, bringing forth something totally unexpected. Like all my other paintings, they were created as intuitive expressions. Yet in each painting I saw a new portrait of myself. Who am I? I am love, joy, shaman, oracle, and evolution!

A Book about The Gifts of Autism. Blessing Us All!