Dear Soul Family Beloveds,

As you probably already know, and may be experiencing yourselves, timelines today are perpetually fluid and transitory. They are forever shifting us into higher and more perfected levels of soul actualization and service. We had to get this far in our Pyramid Portal journey for this next level of divine creation, totally unexpected, to occur.

A primal soul contract that Lyrica and I share with a sacred being from Pleiades (DLF) is now fully manifesting into form, over-lighting us and the Pyramid Portal with a whole new level of light and spiritual technology. In fact, the Pleiadian collective is often present, contributing its light essence, amplifying the portal’s dimensional fluidity as a transit into 5D and above. For those of you who have our new book, you can read more about this soul contract starting on page 193 in “The Masculine” chapter.

In addition, Lyrica is sourcing Ascension codes from Thunder Mountain almost nonstop. Her friend Tracy is supporting her with the installation and organization of these downloads into the Pyramid Portal. All of this up-leveling represents a massive energetic expansion, almost explosion, right in line with the December planetary timetable.

To honor all that is unfolding and activate this new timeline into its fullest potential, we have postponed the proposed Pyramid Portal launch that was scheduled for this month. This soul-choice will open up a perfect window of time and space to fully land us and the Portal into this over-lighting upgrade. The good news is that all that we have envisioned to date…the partnership of NVAs and Lightworkers empowering the Pyramid Portal will be initiated into an even higher Ascension experience and role.

We invite you to sync up with us to move into the power-packed energies within this year-end timeline completion, compelling us forward into 2022. We are also choosing to make space for a long-awaited (10-year) journey completion with our beloved friend, Reuben Langdon, who is creating two 1-hour documentaries on NVAs, as seen through the life and eyes of Lyrica. As these timelines converge, we will formalize a new launch date for the Pyramid Portal, to be scheduled in early 2022.

Thank you for your belief in us and your patience with this latest unfolding.

*Don’t miss out on updated information about the Portal.*

Loving and Honoring YOU in 2022!
Gayle & Lyrica

lyrica's pyrmaid portal