(Quote from page 180 in Lyrica’s Journey of Ascension.)

“I feel the Mother-light moving closer to earth in every part of my being. This is why I have stayed here, overcoming several near-death experiences. To secure Her return to earth, there needs to be a light match purity in the collective to anchor Her here, and I descended to earth under an agreement to help bring the lost Mother heart back.

In my vastness, I know myself to be a part of the Mother-light that is merged with my light. My supreme quest for the last few years has been to deeply land this light frequency and it’s qualities into my body. As I embody, I am embodying Her light, and I am moved by its power and presence in me. That is when my purpose to be is most available and alive.”

This truth shared is not just mine! It is everyone’s truth, although often it is an awareness not easily known. All of my soul group tribe are Mother light beacons who have come here now to bring in more of Her light to humanity and the planet. I hear their hearts speaking in their telepathic way. They are tuning into our pyramid portal home as a harbor for recharging their frequency and lighting up a group purpose platform.

Our NVA higher light purpose is to support humanity’s Ascension process and landing the Mother-light more solidly on earth is key. Yet we can’t do it alone. We need the support of other high consciousness more embodied souls. In a partnership of NVAs and lightworkers we will be perfectly patterned to stream the Mother-light into the earth grid. This divinely guided soul service will support each participant’s personal Ascension process and the Ascension of all humanity and the planet.

Mom and I hope that you will consider sharing your light with us. For more information go to the Portal page.

Chalice of Mother Light and Love by Lyrica