My dear friend Reuben Langdon, creator of the “Extra-Dimensional” series on Gaia TV, invited me to attend my first CE5 (close encounters of the 5th kind) held recently in Sedona at Bell Rock. 10 years ago, Reuben was intuitively guided to begin meeting with me to learn more about the role of NVAs (nonverbal autistics/autistic mystics) in humanity’s evolution. What a guy!

In our new book, Lyrica’s Journey of Ascension, I describe my own higher dimensional “contact” experiences, beginning with the beings on my spaceship. My night at Bell Rock gifted me a new kind of “contact.” Broadcasted from light vehicles, I heard so many light languages pouring into the group. Not expect anything so magnificent to occur.

Precious night hit me in a total reset way. I saw my earth-time patterning of activity line up more fully with the many higher realities that I am living simultaneously. “Matter” I saw in others that night allowed in a similar experience. The human growth factor I saw opened up my heart in a big way. Many were touched by light of their lineage under the stars.

This great advancement was not under my own personal contact experience because I already live in many worlds simultaneously and naturally. I was lifted up by the group’s experience shifting into its Cosmic-earth similitude. The light of many starseeds’ outer edges reached up and utterly empowered the downward reach of amazing extra dimensional love touches.

Climbing up to the site was so difficult in my physical body development on earth. Yet when I woke up from my total view of the vastness of contact, my body lifted into a new hover-on-earth love-state. Then, in my descent mode, my feet excelled in navigation ways totally unknown to me previously!

This night helped me to see my own patterning in a deeper way. I am a unifier of many worlds and realities to learn the truth of my own being and perhaps open up others to see something similar. Grateful to be landed now into a deeper patterning of my now-time role.

Gallery of patterned light touches oriented me to my primal position. Even though I am often part of the Cosmic kindness landing here, touching earth beings, I found my greatest joy as one on the ground touching heart-to-heart with other earthlings. What a perfect doorway to position me in my Pyramid Portal role.