Mom tells me there are 44 mentions of the word “portal” in our new book! Let’s pop into a few of these!

Our pyramid “portal” is where we meditate daily. This portal will soon be opened up as our way to share messages of higher consciousness and light energy with all to create a community of heart beloveds.

I write about my “portaling” adventures to my spaceship, where my return into my body mirrors for me the bringing down of my soul into physicality, helping me pull into a fuller embodiment experience.

My “fav portals” are dimensional doorways that open up for my soul education and light upgrades. I love these portal “pop-ins,” yet the light blasts I experience inside can be very difficult to sustain.

Not time now to say much about the “no-return portal” that plays a very key role in my Ascension story. It was a huge reveal that surprised me and hopefully will surprise all who join the journey.

Lastly, I share about the time I lost my heart on writing because the book process was so long and a significant portion of the book’s creation rested with Mom. The book almost died. My mentor, Jessica, helped me realize that my story already existed in the highest ether and it needed my soul to bring it down into manifestation. That’s when I embraced my new role as “portal master” of the book.

Holy Portal Lane waits for you!

pyramid portal