Lyrica & Gayle

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A Gift to Humanity

In this story, these two brave souls take you on their up-close and personal journey from autism to Ascension — the end-goal of many paths of personal development and the highest achievement of human consciousness. They adventure from the extremes of physical and mental disability to unlock the hidden human superpowers available within all of us.

Through her embodiment and Ascension as a “realized being,” Lyrica is able to now communicate as a teacher and stand in her power as a leader in humanity’s Ascension process. Plus her high frequency, now much more grounded here, is a light that touches and lifts up all of us.

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Gayle & Lyrica with the ARC II

Gayle Barkley Lee and Lyrica Mia Marquez, co-authors of “AWE-tizm: A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence,” speak about their amazing experience after the ARC II came into their home.


A 2021 International Book Award Finalist!

A 2021 International Book Award Finalist!

In addition to the Nautilus 2022 Book Award, Lyrica’s Journey of Ascension was recently honored as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Spirituality: Inspirational category of the 2021 International Book Awards!

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AWEtizm: A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence is co-written by Gayle Barkley Lee and Lyrica Mia Marquez with contributing writers: Leslie Rau, Kellen Hunt and Sara Orah.