Unifying Back Into Oneness, Our Truth as Source Beings

nonverbal autistic represented on Gaia TVWhy are we compelled to write books and reach out to you via social media and newsletters? Simple! Today’s immensely fractured world blasts us continually with polarity programming. It separates us from our truth that we are expressions of Source. Our duo voices are messengers that carry the light and frequency of Unification back into Wholeness and Oneness… back into our Home in Source.

Consciousness is our God-given gift that carries us into a heart-infused way of living. For us, turning off all mainstream 3D media, and listening only to high vibe programming, like Gaia TV, feeds our frequency like “manna in the desert!” Here, the newest scientific discoveries about ourselves and our Universe are unified with ancient wisdom teachings and modern-day messages from our Cosmic brothers and sisters… healing so many aspects of us that have been systemically ripped away from our consciousness and the consciousness field of all humanity.

This fusion becomes a powerful game changer. Now we are fully positioned and empowered to awaken into who we truly are… catapulting us into our future Selves, a destiny overflowing with abundance, hope, and the light of all that is true and beautiful.

We are honored to have our story and the bigger story of Lyrica’s soul group (the nonverbal autistics) now present on Gaia TV as our gift to bless humanity’s heart and soul. Thank you, Reuben, for your belief in us, your persistence over 10 years to bring this vision to life, and the creativity of your artistry that captures the frequency and spirit of who we are and what we have to share.

We would love to hear from you, the viewers! Community is our most precious frontier, a place where all new consciousness pioneers can join together to become the powerful change agents and new paradigm leaders of tomorrow. We love you dearly and totally believe in YOU!

In the Spirit of Unity and Oneness,
Gayle and Lyrica

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