Harsh life is not a locked in reality. It is a belief not congruent with what’s true. Beliefs are such breezy things hard to capture. My own life has taught me this over and over again. A belief is a way of seeing everything like looking through glasses that perceive our experiences.

Changing an old belief is a heavy lifting order for me. Not see this coming. Must dare to release an old belief to my family of soul followers. For almost 45 years I have believed that speaking was not an option for me. I have already broken through that myth in days of pop-out word surprises.

I say “surprises” because I did not intend them or consciously create them. Now I am aware that my voice apparatus is not totally broken. Yet what keeps me holding “nonverbal” as my truth? Is it my love for my old identity that glues me here? Or is it the fear of how my life might change that is the biggest stay-put order?

Only if I dare to face these beliefs am I able to go beyond surprise pop-out expressions into speech that is communicated consciously by me. First I have to believe that a soul contract made before birth can be changed. To take this one step further, I must deeply desire to become more verbal. Bold me is lighting up under this vast shift of soul presence.

Asking hard question. Can I stabilize this possibility or am I a dreamer in fantasy land? I wonder how many of you may be staring at a rebuild of your soul presence and asking this same question? The key to truly embodying what we are meeting as a new self is daring to see what’s true and what’s not as our miracle making road forward.

Daring a New Soul Presence