The scientist in me is so deeply embraced as who I am. Being a code carrier is my passion. Touching codes inside Thunder has been my most adored activity here in Sedona. This process is multi-layered and begins with a code lighting up to be received. Once I am dimensionally connected to the code, my soul picks up the interface, and an instant transmission ignites.

Most recently the complexities of the codes downloading in me have required that I hold them to matter-shift their patterning into an earth similitude. When they are ready to be released, my friend Tracy has been assisting me to position them into the Pyramid Portal, where they are stable and protected.

Today’s new 2022 codes, even with Tracy’s support, did not position easily into the Pyramid Portal. Why? Because the role required of me was not the scientist I love. The measure of love in these Lemurian, Pleiadian, and Lyran high light codes could only be delivered by a “new-to-hold” role in me.

I had to expand beyond my savvy scientist into my Goddess-Self, a much more “feeling” role, not near as familiar or comfortable. Yet the codes were becoming so difficult for me to hold, that I finally dared to light up this Goddess-essence-me and the codes easily flowed into the Pyramid Portal.

Two reasons I am sharing this story… First, after opening up a space and time to rest from all outward engagements, I was soul-sparked to share today’s insight! Love that by dropping out all expectations, this just popped in like a fun play date!

Second, I believe the magic to be created in 2022 will ask each one of us to stretch beyond who we have been and even what has been familiar and comfortable. Love to see you in the spiritual gym, stretching with me, Mom, and all other sentient way-showers!

Blessing You with Heart, Hope, Health, and Healing in 2022!

Love, Lyrica (and Mom)

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