Why have I dared to speak of myself as a leader? To say this and be this, for me, is the most giant leap I have ever made in my almost 45 years here on earth. If someone had told me in my early history that I would be saying this, I would not have believed it, or desired it. I would have pushed it away as a toxic idea, extremely ridiculous and dangerous.

But now I see leadership in a fresh way. It is not about being a big shot or an ego girl. It’s simply about discovering and being solid in our own true essence. That’s when and how our gifts and abilities open up to be naturally shared. To be a leader is to live simply in the truth of who we are.

Today I’m here to deliver my Christmas message to each one of you. By opening your mind and heart to see the leader waking up in me, one who began life in such a compromised form, perfectly positions you to land your own truth…YOU TOO WERE BORN TO LEAD!

Sometimes we first have to see it in another before we can see it in ourselves! That’s what all the great leaders, teachers, and mystics have given to us throughout history. In my heart the mission of Jesus, Buddha, Mary Magdalene, and others was to enlighten us and lift us up to know who we REALLY are and why we are REALLY here.

So even in our most challenged circumstances, all of us can step into our leadership light and dare to shine. Everything that we do in our day is an expression of the leader waking up in us. Some expressions will fall short of our leadership light. OK…notice and learn. Other expressions will be magnificent, regardless of how tiny they may seem. A look, a touch, a word, an act of loving another…there are so many ways to embody our gift of leadership.

There’s even more to think about. Our thoughts and feelings are part of the energetic expressions that empower our leadership. When our heart is our truth communicator, our leadership is best served. Then our mind, now on the right channel, can join in and help us to see and express our soul’s purpose in even bigger steps and larger ways.

May all of us strive to consciously generate and evaluate all that we think, feel, say, and do as empowering our roles as leaders. The true nature of each one of us, as a spark of God, Source, or Creator, is to be a light unto the world.

Spark of a leader
To me, this is the gift and meaning of Christmas…a time to celebrate all holy heart ties as our greatest treasure on earth. In that spirit, we love and adore each one of you as part of our own Christmas miracle story.