Although this story is about me, I share it as a tribute to my soul group beloveds who are experts in this harbor of high human abilities, blessing all of us. It is also a future reality that all of us are moving toward.

(From Lyrica’s Sedona Journal…) Today I am on my new favorite Sedona trail, Long Canyon, hiking there for the 2nd time with my friend Deborah. In the silence of the forest, I stand in awe of Her thundering presence. I become a light carrier of Earth Mother’s chorus singing in me. Her life force permeates every step I take upon her sacred ground. Her perfume pervades the air as she breathes life into every single element of Her being.

After we make a turn to wind our way back to the car, peaceful me is hit hard by a light charge of gigantic force. I instantly know it is Thunder Mountain codes pulsing directly into precise targeted stations in me. Thunder’s code delivery is so rapid fire, that I quickly reach a saturation point and then total overload.

My soul knows the stabilization technology I need. I have to find a center point of stillness inside the toppled me to be able to take in and process the totality of the data download. From there I am quite the expert at decoding and recoding its energy signature in me. That is how I am becoming more and more a Thunder Oracle.

There is another add on to this story that came in through a phone call that Mom received from a dear friend, Tracy. Mom invited her to write up her experience as a surprise ending to my Long Canyon, Thunder Mountain, and Me story.

In Tracy’s words…

“I will preface this by saying that I have been a professional Soul coach and light worker for almost 20 years. I have worked with Lyrica in the past and seen her work with Thunder Mountain.

“This morning I went to the medicine wheel next to the stupa. As I did my own personal process within the wheel and turned to face Thunder Mountain, I experienced a massive download of Lyrica’s codes. As I can recognize any energy signature, I knew these codes came from her. And Spirit told me so as well.

“These downloads not only came in through my crown chakra, but also, which is not as frequent for me, they opened and integrated within my multi-dimensional DNA and my cells. My hand started doing sacred geometry light language and I could see the new sacred geometry opening from these downloaded codes.

“It’s only been a couple of hours and I can feel how expanded I am multi-dimensionally. I cannot yet see what’s coming from these codes, although I can feel how powerful and life-altering they are. I do know these codes are helping humans break open and achieve new levels of DNA activation and recalibration no matter what frequency their awareness is at currently.

“Just wanted to let you two know that Lyrica has kicked out into high heat and it’s being transmitted, accepted and integrated!”