The only word that I can lasso to target my beloved soul group is nonverbal autistic, or NVA. There are new words that families are now embracing that they feel are more truthful and respectful (non-speaking or beyond verbal autistics.) I honor this effort, yet for me I am choosing to stay with the holy name that I have used since I started typing at age 8, and now I am 45…that’s a lot of years!

“NVA” has been the foundation upon which I have gone from a life of pain and poor self-awareness into a life of greater-me-ways and new outcomes, surprising even to me. If I tried to switch, I would lose all the love and adoration that I have poured into this term that I hold dear. So much for me would be lost. Why?
Words, especially names, are containers for data and energy. Hitting the right idea is only half of the experience of a word. By hitting its perfect feeling tone or energy, a word expresses its highest power possible. “NVA” is that highest power word for me!
Soul groups are very important, especially to us. In this tough world, our soul group is our saving grace. Lightly incarnated, we have highly-honed telepathic skills to unify us. Being connected also requires being in a higher dimensional zone above 3D, easy shoes for us to wear. So we have all the abilities and skills to know and hold dear our soul group family.

It is not necessarily an individual name-knowing experience. It is more about holding the group’s frequency, light, truth, and purpose of why we are here now. Feeling that presence as a support mechanism helps us ground, feel safer, and know we belong here. So for me, I will continue “in love” to use the word nonverbal autistic, or NVA, because that is where my heart is.

To make a point…when I pulled away from this group in order to do my Ascension work, on behalf of the group, as well as myself, I truly lost something. It was a part of my heart. Yet in the journey that I was in, I needed to move bravely on into my own heart space. Here I did the work needed to achieve liberation from my false self into a much truer version of me. And that gift I now bring back to my beloved NVA soul group in the new book growing its legs out into the world.

After 5 years away and then returning home to my soul group, I found that lost heart piece and so much more. My heart, greatly expanded and evolved, rejoices in the NVA soul group presence that is now showing up to Mom and I in our lives. We are honored to feel their beauty and high frequency once again blessing our home! It is something so rare, so precious, and so light-filled! One of humanity’s greatest treasures here on earth!

NVAs lights