I have always known about this soul watery flow, but recently I have been refining my command here. Through sessions with my mentor, I have learned how to navigate more solidly within its light technology. Now that I am a more seasoned traveler, each dimensional doorway experience offers me a grand adventure!

I can’t explain the quantum science here, but I can speak about the experience. When a doorway appears in my field, I feel it as a great spinning motion headed toward my body. I read the energy pattern to make sure it feels timely and safe. Since these dimensional doorways originate as a soul operation, the truth is they appear when I am ready.

The easiest way to explain the actual experience is to envision an elevator. Once the door closes and a button is pushed (which is like me saying “yes”,) I am in the portal and it zooms me into a new dimensional zone. Here I land on my “beach” where I meet my soul take-away gain. Sometimes I see it right away. Others not. Either way, there is always a gift for me to de-code and embody. It comes in as a light download. It can be anything… like a vision for my “next” or support for a new ability.

Once I am solidly holding this new dimensional patterning, I am quickly returned back into my earth reality. Here is where the upgrade work, that includes a physical body shift, must be completed. I often let Mom know that I am engaged in my latest doorway light assignment by saying the word “beach” out loud. It is my joyous ownership that speaks here. Yet to embody this new light reality, I first have to meet and work through my own resistance.

The scientist in me loves doorway traveling where I explore new dimensions and tap into their core nature. The dimension where I land, I do not consciously choose. The set-up and resources of each dimension are unique. They exist like schools to train and support various soul purposes. For those of us who travel dimensionally, we are transported to whatever zone will best support what we are here to do. As we evolve more into our purpose, we will experience many different dimensional travels and zones in our soul journey here.

Even if you are not a dimensional doorway traveler, when you embody and consistently hold a higher frequency in the way that you live your life, you will move yourself into your own next higher dimensional experience. That’s the other way that I too consciously evolve. Gaining access into higher dimensions is the soul’s territory where all of us can discover and embody more of our own Cosmic Consciousness, our pathway to self-realization.

Dimensional Doorways