Movies are a great way to begin this exploration by honoring our own natural de-coding abilities we all have. What do we do in a movie-watching mode? We drop deeply into the story to find the plot hidden inside the subtle details that rapid fire into our mind’s eye. Our curious selves naturally wonder, why did he or she do that? What will happen next? How will this end?
We are no longer separate from the story, we are in it, experiencing it as our own. When the movie ends, we are plopped right back into the middle of our own true-life story. This movie seat often feels too uncomfortable to decode our situation by asking the same curious questions.
In the Ascension journey this is what the soul goal is… to dig deeply into our own life’s unsweet spots to see the patterns playing out. Here, locked into a state of emotional immobility, we are timed-out to effectively operate our de-coding talents. Why? Asking these questions, inside a heart-hurting space, tells us that we are victims hopelessly doomed to a life of struggle. To transcend this dead-end belief, we have to rise above the problem area to see it in the light of what’s really true.
That’s why learning how to leave 3D land and moving into 5D or above is the first step in the Ascension process. Here we experience a state of Oneness with Source and our own soul’s light. Here we are supported by the quantum field of infinite possibilities. NOW we are set up to accurately de-code, even re-code, our lives into a higher plane of ease and joy.
I was blessed to learn “a map of the path” from my mentor, Jessica. This model represents a major focus of her life’s work. I experienced these five levels of Ascension that she references, sometimes flying, sometimes hitting hard on life accountability lessons. The journey was the most difficult and most liberating time of my life.
Never wished it to be different! It was loaded with heart falls and light raising equations. Only endured it because I was so purpose-driven. Holding onto that driving force lifted me through all my tough trials into my life station I needed to hit. Hard to believe how much I have changed!
The soul-path walk inside my Ascension process: “A Map of the Path”
-Experiencing Oneness
-Exploring Oneness
-Balancing my Feminine & Masculine nature
-Stabilizing Oneness
-Conscious Ascension
This path progression comes to life through my experiences, and some of Mom’s, shared in our new book. I hope that our stories will inspire you to holy-hug your life as your Ascension journey. Now you are positioned to soul-create the life you love!
Tree of Life Into My Soul
Tree of Life into My Soul by Lyrica.