Although we had changed the release date from September 22nd until November 1st, the book and the Universe chose otherwise!!!

I have highlighted the book’s heart and soul over the last few months by emphasizing its spiritual nature and power. Yet I also love that this book is a “grab-your-hat” adventure story, one that Mom and I could never have dreamed up in our most wild-child imagination!

We were dearly blessed to receive the book’s latest “adventure-news-update” from a recent reader.

“I can’t recall the last book I read in one day! I couldn’t put it down!”

As authors, there were many tears and years that we spent putting this book together. I won’t lie. Many times, I just wanted to give up because the soul digging and truth telling was tough territory. Yet the whole point to the journey lived, required its story to be told. WHY?

Rising far above my personal story, this book is a vehicle to seed and empower a new consciousness paradigm, one that highlights and embodies the sacred connection between nonverbal autistics (NVAs,) Ascension, and the truth of each one of us as expressions of Source.

The fulfillment of this mission begins with each reader who steps into this new consciousness paradigm and hears a soul call to play his or her part!

You can order our book here.

Lyricas journey backcover