Last night I was restless on sleep. Mom tuned into my reality using her telepathy. What she heard was, “An extreme planet is landing its light in me.” She assumed I was talking about a high frequency planetary body, my old zone of travel. This morning, after experiencing this same light, she had a new awareness.

Planet earth was the “extreme” planet. Then she hit the next stumbling block, getting the true meaning inside the word “extreme.” Her mind went to the chaos of earth and humanity’s Ascension process. Logical, yes. Correct, no. That’s when I talked to her on my letterboard. I was not feeling the chaos, only extreme love here on earth, flowing into me from so many directions.

As we work with our team supporting the new book’s manifestation process, great light is emerging. Their heart and their dedication stand tall within this light. Yet at the core rests the book itself lighting up from within. Now I am also seeing my own truth as the deliverer of this light. Before I was always toppled when I dared to imagine myself in a role of leadership. I would drop into fear and experience great distress.

Now that I can finally own my role as a leader, I am hit by the greatest light of all. It is the light of love within each one of your hearts that I am feeling in this moment. I cherish you as my soul family. You bless me with the truth that I belong here. Earth is my holiest home ever. Today I know my earth home as a planet of extreme love.

Extreme Love