I love using telepathy as a soul to soul conversation. To accurately receive and decode telepathic messages requires a state of being 5D, or above. This is Oneness, where the frequency supports the ability to communicate using thought forms of consciousness. To me these are like bits of information that flow word by word. In addition, many of us are blessed to receive telepathic messages from Higher Beings or our spiritual guides.

There is another form of telepathy that Mom and I love to receive. It is an energy packet of data coming in directly from the higher realms in Oneness. It is always a match to where we are and what our soul is wanting us to know or do. It is not the same as a nodal point that we take into our bodies and decode energetically. This input comes in through images that arise when we are in a meditative state. What do we do with them? Have an experience! We ask them to speak to us, show us, reveal to us their meaning. What fun this can be for our imagination to play!

These images can convey a vast array of potentials and possibilities. The information contained is complex, multi-layered, and multi-dimensional. It is expansive, beyond words, and is not limited by the mind. Plus these images are not time-limited. Our experience with them can continue to unfold over time as we tune in deeper. We may even have a sudden epiphany that seems to pop in from nowhere.

I love that the image receiver becomes a creator for unpacking the experience. In this way we only “see” what we are ready to see. At least for me this is very comforting. It helps me to not feel overwhelmed by too big a vision hitting me all at once. It feels more like a dream that I can then step into at my pace. The edges are soft and blurred, not harsh and scary!

I am sharing this conversation because I know each one of you has had images arise when you are meditating or when your mind is elsewhere. Please honor these images as a gift or oracle from the greater Universe orchestrated, by your soul. Then step into your role as a decoder and conscious creator using your image realizations to move your life forward.

Painting by Lyrica named Oracle.