How will I know if Ascension MY truth?

Are you someone who knows you are here to make a difference in the world? Are you dedicated to find the light in you to shine? This holy fastening is the territory of the new consciousness pioneers. Your only life-satisfying destiny IS Ascension.

What’s the patterning in Ascension that’s so key? It’s a scientific fact that expecting something new to emerge out of an old way of thinking and being is impossible! As long as we stay matter-bound to 3D and grounded in its false programming, we can only create more results stuck in 3D. That’s a far cry from making a difference in the world.

New conscious pioneers are souls who aspire to reach a frequency level above 3D where epic solutions to today’s problems can arise. Above 3D is the 5D land of infinite power and possibilities. In 5D (and above) we are living in Oneness, unified with Source and our own soul’s truth. In this dimensional reality, we are beautifully supported, divinely inspired, creator-beings with newly awakened gifts and abilities. Now we are perfectly soul-positioned to truly make a difference in the world!

Beloveds, the alchemy of transformation from 3D to 5D is the freedom gained on the path of Ascension. “The crossover between 3D to 5D is the greatest step that any human can take. It has little to do with the outer world. It is a totally recalibration of our inner world. It is a higher vibration of the heart that informs and directs every thought and action of our body and being. It is like living in a wonderland where there are no more opposites, just harmony and love.” Quote from page 20 of Lyrica’s Journey of Transformation.

But where to begin? In our new book there is much more to learn about this soul-chosen path… how it moves, feels, and transforms. As you touch into my experiences and some of Mom’s, a doorway will naturally open up into your own Ascension story.

Welcome home, beloveds!