I have 2 soul questions for you!

First, who feels comfortable saying “I chose to awaken?”

Next, who feels comfortable saying “I chose to Ascend?”

My guess is many would say “yes” to the 1st, and few to the 2nd. Why is this? I too owned only the first until I began to understand the true nature of awakening. It is not just a soft-shoe process for finding new insights or becoming more multidimensionally aware. It is the beginning of something much bigger and more powerful.

We pull back from the uptick of power we meet in the word “Ascension.” It is wrapped in much mystery and misconception. History of high holy ones like Jesus and Buddha templated in our first understanding of the act of Ascension. The ceiling of light in the world at that time required death as a final passage. Mountain top mystics devoted to lives of strict spiritual practices are our next Ascension models. No wonder we push that word away!

The light resting on the planet now opens up a new possibility. Ascension is now open to all who choose it and no one has to die to reach it. Ascension is hitting a light frequency of realizing Self as God and becoming the unique expression of Source that we are.

The good news is by simply saying “I choose Ascension” the journey begins. This powerful act-of-will lands us squarely into our role in today’s planetary Ascension process. Then our soul will direct the process and pace. Some, like me, will be guided to find a mentor. The good news is each step is precious, transformative, and powerful.

I am passionate about de-mystifying Ascension, making it more understandable and compelling. That’s why Mom and I wrote our new book! Through my stories shared, I show how life experiences create our agenda of Ascension. Although there is lots of inner work to be done, it all takes place inside outer world experiences.

Ascension is always moving us into our next. In upcoming weeks, I will be highlighting my next soul blessing gift to support those who choose Ascension.