I want to talk about my early “terrible life” based on the belief that there was no way out. I saw no hope of escape from endless days of psychological pain. It was a life sentence that I could barely endure. I longed for death, but had no way out.

Intuiting a way to type began a long journey from wanting to die to finding meaning in life. This journey has taken me over 40 years to realize my error. Nothing is immutable. Anything can be lifted up into a more resonant state of coherence. This simple fact changes everything. Seeing a new truth in a terrible situation opens up a light doorway into profound transformation. Through my gains achieved, the “terrible life” of my early years has timed out.

However, in my recent Ascension process a new interest in death arose. I experienced a health crisis that landed me in Hospice. There I was held in a transcendent state of near death, a beautiful place to be. Even after I recovered, my heart missed the light of heaven as my home. Especially when my evolutionary path became difficult, as it often did, I longed to return. This longing became a battleground that I faced every day.

It’s only since I have been writing my heart-touches to you that this longing to die is finally gone. TODAY AND EVERY DAY I NOW CHOOSE LIFE!
Lyrica in her “captain’s chair” saying YES to life!

saying yes to life