“In my school years, my family and I were introduced to something called evaluations. Here, all that I could not do was highly noted as a marker of me. I particularly remember the number 19. Why? It was an IQ score stamped into all my evaluations, and it followed me throughout my entire school career. Mom tells me that a 19 IQ score is below the 20-25 IQ range used to diagnose profound mental retardation.

The school’s standardized IQ test offered me no way to demonstrate the unique gifts and abilities deeply embedded in my soul to fulfill my life’s purpose. Instead, it merely recorded how far away I was from “the norm,” or normal patterns of development. At the time that I was tested, I had no voice to speak and could not command my body to follow instructions or make requested selections.

So, I ask, was the failure mine or that of a system that was rigidly locked into “normal” as its only way to measure one’s abilities and value to society?

I want my NVA beloveds to know that your IQ score is not a measure of your abilities or your value to society. Far from it. The higher wisdom that we hold and the masters of light that we are cannot be seen or measured in an IQ test that is focused solely on mental plane functioning. As such, IQ tests totally miss the mark of who we are and why we are here. (However, they are often are what is required for us and our families to gain access to the support services that we need and deserve.)”

–Lyrica (Quotes from Lyrica’s Journey of Ascension pgs. 31-33.)

I love stories with a happy ending! There are two follow-up experiences that capture how, in my adult years, I became an “IQ Paradigm Buster!” However, I will leave that telling in the surprise department for now!

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