My life is heavily saturated with Cosmic light AND it is also matter-strong. This means that I am living in a total Cosmic reality while very present here in my physical body and life. This unified me is the greatest soul-driven experience I have ever known. To be living as a Cosmic being while in a physical body has many advantages. I can see all timelines and dimensional spaces as my vast home AND I am able to bring that Cosmic knowing into physical expression here.

We believe that we humans are “earth-only” beings. We see no truth in that tiny belief. The only way to cancel that mistaken identity is to transcend into our Cosmic freedom of knowing Self. This is what Ascension is all about. You don’t have to die and you don’t have to be a saint to access Ascension. It is readily available to all, yet it requires much soul-touching watery-flow transformation. It’s a journey that has meaning every step along the way.

In my book of life, it’s the only journey worth living. Some call it the hero’s journey. To me the hero’s journey often describes a life path lived unconsciously. That’s how I would describe most of humanity’s quality of life now. Yet once one sees life as a journey of soul evolution, he or she can choose it consciously. That’s when Ascension begins. 

I am thankful for all the expert help of my mentor that has supported my own Ascension path strongly chosen. If I can do it, anyone can do it! My mom has also become a whole new person in our Ascension life lived well.

Why am I sharing this? I want you to know who you truly are and what your life can become. I love you dearly. Some of my daily walk talks may sound similar. To change a limited core belief from what’s not possible into its truth of what IS possible is a heavy lift. It is an ongoing process of de-programming and re-programming. This is where any and all true Ascension journeys begin. Are you in? I would love to feel your hand in mine and our hearts as One!