Talking to others about my Ascension journey is not an easy-to-define conversation! Why? It is a light tunnel into a deeply human experience taking place here, yet orchestrated by a much higher dimensional reality. From start to finish I did not consciously direct what unfolded. I was in unknown and unfamiliar territory, although my mentor Jessica could see further ahead because of her highly attuned abilities and gifts as a life path coach.

Yet she allowed me to directly experience each step as my own initiation process. Only when I was “landed” did she support me to decode the significance of what I had just experienced. For some time, I related to my experiences as various life episodes, without ever understanding that I was on my path of Ascension!

Only when I fully realized and owned that truth did the call to write another book land in my field. It happened when I was exploring time traveling in a session with Jessica. That was 3 years ago! Now I know that inside all of my experiences that I share in our new book lives the energy and consciousness of Ascension.

As I have often written, and so have many others, the unique patterning and high light frequency of NVAs like me (nonverbal autistics/autistic mystics,) positions us to uniquely support Ascension for the planet and humanity. My story told is my latest gift delivery to fulfill this holy divine purpose in my own soul blessing way.
Love you all!

Lyrica’s Painting: Angel Seen in Autism

Lyricas Seen in Autism