My first light of day is Mom’s face I see. She always says something positive to bless my heart. I am soul-touched when she tells me my smile is so beautiful! I don’t even know that I am smiling, because I can’t make my face smile. It only happens when my joy expresses that way. Waking up in joy is the new life that I am now living.

My next joy note! I am totally surprised when my voice pops out a clear request to Mom in our light-filled day. That’s another action that I don’t have a clue how to consciously create. I hear my words, “can of coke” ring out loudly. That’s when I notice how thirsty I am feeling! Those words are very funny to me. It’s been years since I have seen or tasted a can of coke. Yet those are the words that my light has chosen to call my holy beverage that I love, my Perrier. Another favorite pop-in request is “cut now.” It lands me strongly in my captain’s chair. Here I signal Mom to stop or change something that is hitting my light factor poorly.

I am very curious about how my face smiles and my words pop out. This mystery is asking loudly to be decoded. In my process of Ascension, I have been working with my Feminine and Masculine nature. When they are balanced (not a fast or easy process,) they unify to operate in a tag-team way. I am feeling like this is a doorway into the riddle that I want to solve.

To me, my Feminine nature is the knower and flow-er of my truth in any given moment. It was the seat of the joy I was experiencing and the needs I was feeling that energetically sparked the creation of these expressions. I know my Masculine nature as what empowers me to act in the world. It transformed these sparks into physical body expressions that were not under my conscious command. So, what might be the organizing principle behind this piggyback operation?

To me, the balance and unity of my Feminine and Masculine nature, and the more embodied state that I have reached, are the set-up. This set-up soul-charged these expressions to happen on my behalf. There is something very important to realize here. When I am in this unified state, I am operating in Oneness. Here there is a much bigger me that can do lots of amazing things. Here I am a part of a vast Universe that supports my purpose and my truth. Here my light, operating as me in a much higher dimension, is not limited at all!

This is the new consciousness, available and accessible to all of us. I am not able to explain how all of this works. Yet I have had many experiences to know that it is a light operation of vast possibilities. This is where my hope lives for a new world. Who dares to believe in this hope and is willing to stand side-by-side with me?