With final edits complete, our new book’s voice loudly spoke to us…mandating our return to Sedona! Our souls embraced this destiny call. Yet each heart-home we hoped would be ours, quickly fell to another. Would we ever land our dream?

Lyrica, “New day, new home, new hope. Entering this doorway felt different somehow. Inside I hit my high energy location to read the home’s soul signature. I was totally unprepared for the power-blast that shot through me and then spoke its truth.

‘I am Thunder Mountain! I am your past-time light partner, waiting patiently for your return. Other homes lost were not meant to be. This home I selected for you because of its proximity to my power in the grid. We have much work to complete together once you are re-tethered here.’

“Our offer was accepted within hours and ten days later this home became ours! Clearly, it was the magic of Thunder and the higher realms of light that landed this miracle!

“At its core, everything exists as energy and is part of the energetic whole we call The Universe, God, Creator, Source. All energy has a consciousness and a voice. This voice can speak to us in many ways when our intuition is open to receive it. Thunder’s voice continues to speak to me as words I hear and know inside my heart.

“All of nature is our family. The animals, plants, trees, rocks, the forest floor, the holy bodies of water all have messages for us when we slow down, open our hearts, and listen. To our new book and Thunder, we thank you for your messages that have totally changed our lives in wondrous ways!”